ToSolution, Inc. Featured in 2015 WBA Business Resource Directory

ToSolution, Inc. Featured in 2015 WBA Business Resource Directory


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Dan Schneck, Co-Founder and VP-Network Services, To Solution, Inc., was quoted in the recent Waukesha Business Alliance 2015 Business Resource Directory section entitled Technology in Waukesha County, saying:

Backup and security continue to be two areas that businesses focus on. As the number of data breaches and Internet-based attacks continues to increase, we’re seeing a big movement toward comprehensive, multi-layer security, and business continuity solutions.

This year’s publication featured a technology section that highlighted areas of focus for Alliance members and businesses in Waukesha County, including IT talent, security requirements, control and regulation, and connectivity.


Some of the Wisconsin technology trends pointed out are:

  • Boundaries are eroding as the physical and digital worlds continue to converge. It is all about doing things better, faster.
  • Information security requirements will get more sophisticated as data sharing continues to grow.
  • IT Departments are losing control over business intelligence platforms, tools, and applications due to IT’s inability to operate at the speed of business.
  • Connectivity or the Internet-of-Things will continue to be mainstream conversation as companies continue to develop and deploy more devices.

Tina Chang, CEO of SysLogic, Inc. points out:

IT Technology trends surrounding cloud computing, mobility, information security, and advanced data and analytics continue to provide opportunities for all enterprises to reduce costs, improve inefficiencies, and further define competitive advantages.


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Download the Full Article in PDF Format


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