Your Technology Investment Shouldn’t Feel Like a Black Hole

Technology Investment

An effective technology plan should include costs and logistics associated with the purchasing, licensing, updating, and disposal of technology that has reached the end of its life cycle. ToSolution can advise you on an effective purchasing strategy that keeps your business operating dynamically and competitively by making the proper technology investment.


Before you buy, it’s important to assess the viability, longevity, and overall advantage to your business of owning new hardware or software assets. We will help you do the following:

  • Audit your existing hardware and software systems environment and work with you to develop a technology plan
  • Work to balance your needs and budget with the latest technologies
  • Utilize our supplier partnerships to find the best overall value for you
  • Help you determine the upgrade paths and licensing types for software
  • With the rapid advancements in hardware systems, new deployments are often obsolete soon after they are installed. If applicable to your business, we can advise you on the optimal usage for emerging technologies, helping you avoid the pitfalls associated with early adopting.

We also provide competitive pricing on hardware and software through our supplier and technology partnerships with Ingram Micro, Synnex, D&H distributing, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, WatchGuard and other resources. Each of our distributors carry thousands of different technology items, allowing us to configure systems that are best for our clients’ needs. For more information on our technology and solution partners, see our partners page.


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With ProVision we provide asset tracking that helps you to track details related to your technology systems. When applicable or advantageous to your business, our asset management software effectively logs, tracks, and reports on technology assets within your organization.

End of Life

Our goal is to help you obtain maximum Return on Investment from your technology investment.

Oftentimes, you can leverage hidden capacity from existing systems by rearranging or reallocating software or hardware. Eventually, hardware and software will become incompatible with newer technologies or unsupported by the manufacturer altogether. We will help build a bridge toward new product implementations by managing the disposal of your existing hardware, taking advantage of rebates or discounts on trade-ins, and migrating your software systems to new hardware.

Software publishers and distributors may provide cost-effective upgrade paths to the latest major version by offering a discount to existing customers. Server-based packages such as Microsoft Windows and Exchange have licensing terms that may allow for discount transfer licenses through product upgrades. We try to take advantage of these opportunities wherever possible.

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