Do You Need a Cloud Services Guru? Do You Know How to Leverage New Cloud-Enabled Technologies?

We will advise you on the best combination of cloud and on-premise solutions for your business.

Cloud services – also known as software-as-a-service, “SaaS”, “PaaS”, or “IaaS” – are gaining momentum in today’s technology space. Every day we are all hearing about new cloud technologies. Products and services like Dropbox, Rackspace, SalesForce, Office 365, Google Apps, and many, many others are moving away from the more traditional client-server model and encouraging you to put your data and services “in the cloud”.

Our services can help you wade through the ever-changing technology world and understand which cloud solutions will work best with your business. Not all cloud solutions are created equal and it’s important to have a trusted partner who has your best interest in mind. We are versed in the different cloud technologies and partner with major cloud vendors like, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive so we can help you make informed decisions about the placement and storage of your data.

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What Is Cloud Computing?

The “cloud” is a generic, catch-all term that many people use to explain different IT concepts, solutions and services that might or might not actually be cloud computing. Because cloud computing is constantly evolving, the IT industry has had a difficult time creating a concrete definition for the concept.

Here’s What It Is

Cloud computing is an IT service intended for businesses that want an “on-demand”, highly available service. This could be an application, like an accounting or manufacturing software package. It could be an email server. Some cloud providers even offer to virtualize your entire server infrastructure and run it in their datacenter. Whatever the solution, the cloud vendors provide these services from their datacenters, running on their own infrastructure, instead of yours. Instead of spending money on applications and hardware, businesses have access to the same resources without the commitment of ownership. Cloud services can shift costs from capital expenditures to more fluid, scalable, and dynamic operating expenditures.

Here’s What It Is Not

Ironically, cloud services are not really what most people would picture a cloud to be. While many people believe that cloud solutions are “magic” and pain-free, you will want the right technology team on your side to help weigh the benefits of a chosen cloud solution. Cloud solutions aren’t for everyone. Many cloud solutions are now mature and stable, but others aren’t. And there are advantages and disadvantages to any cloud solution.

You’re going to have questions about the cloud – everyone does. We are here to help you understand cloud services and find out what, if any, are the best investment for your business.

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