How Montessori Schools Use Technology to Enhance Learning

How Montessori Schools Use Technology to Enhance Learning

On its own, the Montessori method is an appealing choice for parents who desire a unique approach to learning for their children. With a more hands-on approach in a setting that’s meant to stimulate a child’s interest in learning, the use of technology has its place in enhancing the experience.
According to this article about Wildflower, a new Montessori school, one man has taken the use of technology to the next level. Because the Montessori method’s basis is observing how children learn implementing technology in the classroom works to improve on the success of this style of teaching. A creative use of technology works to gain helpful insight into how the children in Montessori schools learn. This section of the article explains the use of the data they’ll collect:

In two weeks, a pilot program will start in which sensors will be placed in children’s indoor slippers and on various classroom objects to collect data on who students interact with throughout the day and for how long. The data will be converted into visualization graphics teachers can use to prepare for their teaching lessons.

Aside from the obvious ways that technology is useful for students in the classroom, this is an excellent way for teachers to collect more practical insight into what motivates children and helps them learn. It’s impossible for a teacher to pick up on everything when they have several students in a classroom to observe. With a system like this, they’ll be able to adjust and fine-tune the learning environment and experience. If it proves beneficial, it could indeed become a convenient tool used in any school setting.

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