IT Support Waukesha

Does Your Waukesha Business Need IT Support?

IT Support Waukesha

We help businesses in the Waukesha Area reach their growth potential. We do this by providing technology solutions that actually focus on business first and technology second. Our flat rate plans provide you a predictable budget and the ability to scale your technology investment as your business grows.

If you search for “IT Support Waukesha“, you’ll find ToSolution. We retain clients because they find value in what we do. We have a track record of success, having grown our business each year, as well as consistently growing our IT services portfolio to bring value to our clients. Find out What People in the Waukesha Area are Saying about ToSolution IT Support & Services.

We provide technology solutions for small to medium-sized businesses that drive business forward, allowing our clients to focus on their biggest challenges. We are flexible and able to work with existing IT support staff and engineers. Or, we can act as an entire outsourced IT staff for you and your employees, providing full managed services and help desk for your users.

Our customers know and use us for:

  • Onsite IT support, remote IT support, troubleshooting, maintenance, and consulting services
  • Providing new network solutions, hardware, and software

IT Support Milwaukee

Why You should make ToSolution Your Trusted Technology Partner?

  • Proactive Approach – We evaluate your overall goals and long term growth. We’re not a break/fix firm.
  • Awesome Response – You won’t wait for a week, days, or even a few hours to hear back from us. Our response time is fast. Unlike other IT support providers in Milwaukee, we will return your phone calls and emails within one hour during our normal business hours.
  • No Technical Jargon – Our techs speak a language you can understand. We keep the “geek-speak” to a minimum and explain things so you know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

We can deliver technology support services to your Waukesha area business including:

While speaking with prospective clients, we sometimes hear stories about sub-par experiences with reliability, response times, and service from other Waukesha area IT firms. Our entire staff takes pride in our ability to communicate clearly, consistently, and effectively with all users of your computer systems.

Your system downtime directly translates into decreased employee productivity and loss of your profits, and we understand this. It is for this reason that we offer a different approach and take take responsibility for your network. We take great pride in, and live up to our slogan — “Where Customer Service Meets Technology” — for every client, no matter how big or small.

What’s Your Next Step?

We invite you to inquire about a Network Risk Assessment. Our network engineers will evaluate and audit your existing network infrastructure, including servers, workstations and laptops, backup, and security appliances (firewalls, routers, etc.). We’ll sit down with you and offer ways to improve the productivity and efficiency of your business. And don’t worry, no matter your technical background and knowledge, during our Q&A session we will be sure to speak clearly and in a language you can easily understand.

We will answer your most important IT questions like:


  • Is my computer and server hardware up-to-date and reliable?
  • How do we stop receiving a lot of SPAM email?
  • Is my network secure and protected from viruses, malware, and spyware?
  • Are my files and folders secure? Is my confidential information protected and secure?
  • What happens if our server, network, or systems fail or shut down?
  • How reliable is my backup solution? Am I getting proper backups?

ToSolution provides IT support for Waukesha Area companies in several industries including: manufacturing, education, healthcare services, construction, veterinary, financial services, and more. Schedule your Network Risk Assessment with us today or call (262) 737-4774 with questions. Contact us today!

Need IT Support in Waukesha? YES PLEASE!

ToSolution provides IT support for Waukesha Area companies in several industries including: manufacturing, education, healthcare services, construction, veterinary, financial services, and more. Schedule your Network Risk Assessment with us today or call (262) 737-4774 with questions. Don't Delay, Call Today!