IT Support Brookfield

We know Brookfield has a lot to offer small businesses, it’s close enough to Milwaukee to have all the “big city” resources yet it’s nestled in the tranquility of beautiful parks and small-town squares. If you’re one of these lucky businesses located in Brookfield and you’re looking for a technology partner that understands the balance of providing the same resources as one of those big city IT companies while remaining connected to our small-town roots, you’ve come to the right place.

We think Dr. Bob Magnus of Oculus Insights has described us well.

“I see ToSolution as providing a high-end service to small business, something we certainly needed. We have very few problems for an organization our size. And the ones we do have are responded to promptly.”

ToSolution is Southeastern Wisconsin’s Experts when it comes to solving technology problems for small business. We can make that claim because we are the only Managed Service Provider in Southeastern Wisconsin to have earned both the CompTIA Managed Service Trustmark and the Security+ Trustmark. Now that may not mean much to you right not but take this into consideration as you look for your next IT provider. Here’s what it means for you, in the technology sector, being CompTIA certified is similar to ISO-9001 for manufacturing, or HIPAA compliance in healthcare. It means we’ve been vetted and approved by an unbiased third-party organization for having the highest best-practice standards in-place throughout our organizational structure, including our processes and tools of the trade, so that we can provide the highest level of support for our clients while keeping the utmost amount of security in place for both their organizations as well as ours.

We monitor, proactively manage and remediate issues before they cause you lost employee productivity. And isn’t that the way it should be? Instead of rebooting or wondering why your network is slow, why not contract with a company that specializes in IT Support for Business. With a flat rate IT plan like ProVision, you’ll enjoy these benefits and more.

We are diligent in our on-boarding process in order to re-tool and setup networks that operate smoothly, the way they are supposed to work.
Followed by extensive monitoring every day and proactive management to make sure we keep things running the way they should.
We also audit our client’s networks annually to ensure they are performing at the highest levels of productivity and security.
And because we reduce the amount of problems you can rest assured you will receive FAST response times. Our commitment is to call back and acknowledge issues within one hour during normal business hours. We know you can’t afford to wait, and you won’t have to.
We take responsibility for your computer network and make sure that it is secure and available. Most of our clients see a 60% reduction in daily problems once they institute our ProVision plan. If your business is relying more and more on technology (and who’s isn’t) to deliver goods and services to your clients then we hope to become your trusted technology partner for Brookfield IT Support.