You can’t support what you don’t know.
That’s why we do assessments every year.

To have a secure and available network you need to know what it is you actually have and how it is configured.

Best Practices change, and so does your network infrastructure. The only way to have a plan to keep your network performing the way it should and conforming to Best Practice is with a thorough Network and Security Assessment. We combine state of the art tools and our own observations to provide a Findings and Recommendations report that is focused on your business needs.

Our tools provide hundreds of pages of information. Why so much? Many people don’t realize that even a small network of a single server and 15 users has tens of thousands of moving parts. It’s not possible, for even our top notch staff, to manually gather all the data needed to have your network running the way it should – allowing you to focus on your business, not worrying about technology.

If you’re a ProVision client you see this report once per year as part of your contract. A true value add wouldn’t you say? It’s our job to keep your network secure and available and this is one of the ways we do that.
If you’re thinking about becoming a ProVision client, this is one of the first steps we take to make sure our organizations will be a good fit with each other. Under ProVision, we take responsibility for your network. To do that we need to understand what we’re taking responsibility for.

We also provide this service to clients that are wondering where their problem areas lie and to determine if they have security risks they aren’t aware of. While our assessment tools don’t rise to the level of Penetration Testing (we can do that too) they do provide peace of mind. We test outside in and inside out looking for security holes and best practices. Most small and medium sized businesses don’t have much documentation on their network. Our assessment solves that problem too. Your staff or provider can solve problems more quickly with the maps and documentation our assessment tools provide.

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