ToSolution introduces ProView, the managed network monitoring solution.slick_image3

ProView offers proactive monitoring of your IT environment to help ensure maximum availability and security. The ProView solution ensures that your IT network and devices critical to your business are fully monitored and notifications are enabled for fast alerting and response.

Benefits of ProView

Monitor Networks of Any Size

  • ProView can scale to any size network
  • Discover network devices and show performance statistics in real time
  • Scans your network for changes

Managed Monitoring Made Easy

  • Allow our expert implementers to set up monitoring for you
  • We’ve invested the time so you and your staff don’t have to
  • Avoid expensive up-front costs and the pitfalls of not fully implementing a monitoring solution

Monitor Your Virtual Infrastructure

  • Automatically discover and monitor new virtual machines added to any VMWare server
  • Track VM performance and availability, including CPU and memory utilization, disk utilization, and network bandwidth

Simple Network Monitoring In a Web-based Interface

  • Detailed graphs, tables, and lists are displayed in a Web-based interface
  • Use mobile applications to keep on top of the performance of your network while on the go
  • All charts, graphs, and data are drill-down

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with ProView monitoring?

The process will begin with a visit from one of our engineers, who will work with you and your onsite IT staff to identify which devices should be monitored in your environment. Once the devices are identified, we will work with you to develop the monitoring/alerting template that suits you.

What can be monitored?

ProView can provide detailed monitoring and analysis of performance data from routers, switches, servers, and other SNMP or WMI-enabled devices. ProView can monitor any device, as long as it is connected to the network. Most devices have detailed sensors pre-configured. If your device is not in our library, we will develop the required monitoring toolset for the device. Our monitoring agent will monitor hundreds or thousands of aspects of the operating systems of your servers and desktops and underlying network, depending on the role of the workstation, server, or network device. We’ve purposefully invested in enterprise-class tools to be able to fully monitor your infrastructure, from the ground up. Other IT providers simply cannot get the amount of detail that we can get with ProView.

What are the minimum and maximum intervals for notifications from ProView?

Alerts can be sent within seconds of any missed threshold. For example, we can send a text/SMS message to you within just a second of any device being down, or any threshold exceeded.

Who can be notified, and when?

Anyone, at any time! ProView can send an email or SMS/text alert to any individual based on any number of rules and notification plans. When you sign up for the service, we will work with you to develop a customized notification plan so you receive the alerts you want at the times you need.

Are there minimum requirements for my environment to be eligible for ProView monitoring?

The minimum requirements and prerequisites for ProView monitoring are are listed below:

  • Dedicated Internet access (Cable, DSL, XDATA, T1, T3, OC-3).
  • Network devices and servers that support SNMP or WMI.
  • Ability to set up (or have us set up) privileged monitoring accounts to read data from your devices (monitoring only requires read access).

How secure is ProView monitoring?

We only invest in tools that use the best available security. Our monitoring agents and management tools are protected by a minimum 128-bit SSL encryption. Information about your systems is always encrypted. Our job is to help keep your network secure and available, so we take the security of your network and ours very seriously.

I would like to learn more about ProView monitoring. Who can I contact for additional information?

Please contact us today to obtain more information about our ProView solution.