IT for Business is Focused on Business First and Technology Second.

IT for Business

It’s more than just proactive measures or managed services, our IT for Business Solutions can help move your business into the future.

As a manager, director or business owner, you are probably all-too-familiar with the ever-changing world of technology. It’s one of those business challenges that is a never ending cycle. No matter how frustrating, time-consuming or costly change may be, the reality is, it is almost always a good thing.

It isn’t just hardware and software that has changed the face of IT. The way we approach IT for business has changed as well. Ask any IT provider – the reactive days of IT management and break-fix models are a thing of the past, and managed services have become the proactive model for technology in today’s small and mid-sized businesses.

At ToSolution, we’ve taken the managed services model even further, offering our clients a program that will drive their business forward.
It’s a simple 2-step business process:

  1. Assess & Resolve any issues inhibiting your system from running at peak performance.
  2. Maintain & Support your entire network every day to prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

IT for Business








An additional benefit to the 2-step model is our fast response time. Because we are monitoring your system every day we are able to stop most problems from ever occurring but when issues do arise, and unfortunately we can’t promise that they won’t, we address your concerns immediately and with no additional fees.

Leave the reactive “break-fix” model in the past where it belongs and invest in the future of your business. Contact us today to get started.

Take a closer look at our ProSeries of Products & Services:

  • ProVision:  Using a variety of advanced monitoring tools, proactive maintenance, and our Annual Assessment, we reduce day-to-day issues up to 60% — significantly more than the typical “managed services” platform. Read More>>
  • ProVault: As an added service to our ProVision clients, ProVault offers a state of the art back-up integrated with the ProVision network monitoring and management. Read More>>
  • ProView: For mid-sized businesses with an internal IT staff. Manage proactively from within your walls, while tapping into our advanced three-pronged monitoring system. Read More>>
  • ProMobile: Protect your network and data and add essential layers of security to mobile devices including phones and tablets. Read More>>

We would love to talk to you about the future of technology in your business. Contact us anytime for more information or with any questions.