IT Services For Veterinary Clinics and Animal Hospitals

No matter the size of your practice, you face an ever-changing technology environment with specialized needs. As people are willing to invest more in their pets and utilize new pet insurance plans, your animal clinic needs to adapt, deliver better patient care, and keep up with things like payment and insurance processing. Not only is the type of medicine you’re practicing changing, but the technology that provides your ability to treat and extend quality of life is changing as well.

You need that technology to be available when you need it. Computers, servers, imaging and testing equipment, and faster and more responsive support are all requirements for today’s veterinary practices. ToSolution works with you as your trusted IT partner and resource. We keep your network secure and available so you can provide the services that grow your practice and keep you focused on patient care.

IT Services for Animal Hospitals
IT Services for Vet Clinics

Benefits of ToSolution IT Services Vet Clinics & Animal Hospitals

  • Network Stability – You’re using more technology in your practice and it is becoming more important to avoid downtime. Check-ups, X-rays, MRI, scheduling changes, surgeries and prescriptions are in motion every day. A stable computer network helps to keep your patient care and billing moving. ToSolution supplies solutions that are more trouble free and responds quickly if there is a problem.
  • Computer Security – One of our favorite expressions at ToSolution is “It’s our job to keep the your network secure and available.” We take that very seriously. By using a layered approach, we can significantly reduce malware and virus problems, keep cyber-criminals out of your computer network, and keep your network secure.
  • Mobility – We see more veterinarians working in the field using mobile solutions. We can help you deploy and integrate tablets and other paper saving devices into your practice. If you have already taken the leap into mobility, solutions like our ProMobile technology help to support and keep devices secure.
  • Technology Support – Our staff is trained and has technical expertise with DICOM and X-Ray, sonogram, and MRI modalities, and we work well with on-premise and cloud imaging vendors to help solve any problems that arise. In most cases, we are your first and only call.


If you do not have internal IT staff and are looking to leverage an IT solution that focuses on your practice’s needs, read more about our managed service support solution. ToSolution currently provides managed IT support to veterinary clinics and hospitals in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Waukesha, Wisconsin areas.