IT Services for Healthcare Companies

Technology is advancing rapidly, especially in healthcare. Technology continues to integrate further into everything from EHR (Electronic Health Records) to using VR (Virtual Reality), and as technology continues to weave in and out of everything we do, we’ve become more and more and more dependant on it working flawlessly all the time.

You’ve heard that prevention is the best medicine, well that’s what we provide with Flat rate IT Support.

Benefits of using ToSolution for Healthcare IT Services

  • Network Stability – You’re using more technology in your practice and it is becoming more important to avoid downtime. Check-ups, X-rays, MRI, scheduling changes, surgeries, prescriptions, and lab work & testing are in motion every day. A stable network helps keep your patient care and billing moving. We provide IT solutions that are more trouble free and we are able to respond quickly if there is a problem.
  • Computer Security – One of our favorite expressions at ToSolution is “It’s our job to keep your network secure and available.” We take that very seriously. By using a layered approach, we can significantly reduce malware and virus problems, keep cyber-criminals out of your computer network, and keep your network secure. ToSolution is providing 100% HIPAA/HITECH Omnibus compliant solutions and we have business associate (BA) agreements in place.
  • Mobility – Mobility in healthcare is a must. Patients and families need secure guest wireless access. Doctors and nurses need separate, secure, wireless access. Mobile carts and diagnostic stations are now the norms. We can help you deploy and integrate tablets and other paper-saving devices into your practice.
  • Technology Support – Our staff is trained and has technical expertise with DICOM and X-Ray, sonogram, and MRI modalities, and we work well with on-premise and cloud imaging vendors to help solve any problems that arise. In addition, ToSolution is the only Managed Service Provider in Southeastern Wisconsin to hold both a CompTIA MSP Trustmark and a CompTIA Security Trustmark+ Certification.
  • Vendor Experience – We work with many healthcare vendors on behalf of our clients, including Allscripts, Amazing Charts, ChartLogic, eClinicalWorks, EDImis, Medcom, NextGen, SRS Soft, TouchChart, Vitera Integrity, and more…
Here’s what Joseph A. Tenuta – Senior Vice President of PT Pros had to say recently about ToSolution.

“PT Pros is a management service organization that offers tactical services to healthcare providers.  We focus on the healthcare industry with an emphasis on ambulatory, out-patient services. Technology is the cornerstone to the services we offer healthcare providers. – With ToSolution, we are able to offer our employees secure access to our server via any browser allowing them access to their tools and information from any internet connection.
ToSolution is my Virtual CIO that my company depends on. With an evolving IT landscape in the Healthcare sector, we rely on ToSolution to help us navigate through it all. From new installations to their help desk, they not just deliver IT solutions and support but more importantly they deliver peace of mind.”