Tech Support for Architecture, Engineering & Construction Companies

The construction industry continually faces the challenge of being dramatically affected by the economy: shrinking rapidly when the economy contracts and expanding quickly during an economic boom. Additional challenges include working with different employees, contractors, and vendors (all with varying degrees of tech skills.) This makes the use of technology in the construction business an interesting one. ToSolution works with companies in the construction industry as their tech support partner. We help them utilize technology to solve issues, create efficiency, keep costs down, reduce friction, and improve speed when working with projects large or small.

Benefits of Hiring ToSolution as Your Construction Tech Support Team

  • Efficiency – As we all know: time is money. More productive use of technology means more productive staff = more profitable projects. Just a few minutes saved per day can add up to more than 40 hours per year! Keeping your team focused on their projects by providing them the information they need when they need it and where they need it will help keep costs down.
  • Scalable Support – due to the up and down nature of the construction industry, our IT for Business model is a win-win over block time or break/fix support (learn more), since it scales with your business, unlike other solutions.
  • File Transfer Solutions – One common complaint in the construction & architecture industry is the large size of CAD and other project files. Add to this the complexity of multiple people needing access to those files. Traditional file sharing and VPN solutions just aren’t enough. We have solutions that can solve these issues and make collaborating easier for your team.
  • Systems Support – We have experience with many applications in the construction industry including finance, CRM, CAD, and project management software. Maintaining, improving, and leveraging your software systems, and data access is key to your business. Most important is to have a partner on your side who knows how to implement the solution, can “speak geek” to your software vendors, but avoids finger-pointing and supports your business the way you need it. We are typically the first and only call for our clients – That’s reassurance for your business and your users.
  • Stable Technology – You already know that downtime is not an option. Projects are always in motion, and being offline means project hold-ups and lost contracts. System stability is a must. We build solutions that are truly resilient to outages, yet are cost-effectively engineered. For companies with multiple servers, virtualization is just one example of a powerful tool that can dramatically increase system stability while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO.) For any company, choosing the right hardware, implementing a properly engineered network, and having responsive and expert back-end support are critical components to maintaining stability, helping you deliver your projects on time and on budget.
  • Support – Your technology infrastructure can only be as good as the team supporting it. With all of the business challenges you are facing, you don’t have time or energy to spend on poor, lackluster, and unresponsive technology support. A full range of IT services is required to truly leverage technology, including consulting, planning, engineering, managing, and supporting.