How Flat Rate IT Support Keeps Veterinary Data Secure and Available

How Flat Rate IT Support Keeps Veterinary Data Secure and Available

For better or worse, information drives every industry. As more and more systems continue to scrape personal information to find trends in purchasing habits, it is increasingly important that businesses with access to their customers’ private information protect it from data mining and all out theft. This “practice” is even becoming true in regards to veterinary offices. Learn how Flat Rate IT Support Keeps Veterinary Data Secure and Available.

Why would people be interested in information collected in veterinary clinics or pet hospitals?

  • Take Frontline for example. Frontline, simply stated, is topical medication to prevent the spread of fleas and ticks on dogs and cats. Now, if a competitor of Frontline can snoop on veterinary records and understand the purchasing habits of their clients they can begin to market their competitive product at just the right time to gain interest. Okay, I know that’s not a big deal to most people, the problem is that it doesn’t stop there.
  • If your client’s personal information lands in the hands of people it was never intended for, they can sell it off to others. True, maybe Frontline competitors are not a great concern for you or your patients, but what else besides purchasing habits can people learn from your client’s information? Do you keep pet’s names on file? Does your system contain credit card numbers? Is your data encrypted?
  • Many people are spending increasing amounts of money on their pet’s long-term health and comfort. That’s good news for veterinarians. As their vet, you have access to a great deal of financial information that you are responsible for protecting. You don’t want to be the reason that people’s credit card numbers end up in the hands of criminals. That’s would be bad news.

The best way to ensure that you have a secure computer network with protection from malware and viruses is to contract with a third-party who specializes in keeping out cyber criminals. ToSolution, a Milwaukee Area IT Support provider, can help make sure your computer networks are secure.

If security is # 1. Availability is # 2. Sharing information is at the crux of your veterinary office. Yes, you need to keep things safe but you also need client data to be available to the people who need it the most, and when they need it the most. A highly managed network runs more efficiently, data is more easily and quickly shared between employees and even remote locations. Perhaps you run a clinic with multiple locations or maybe your doctors make house calls for larger animals, like and equine clinic for example. In either case, ToSolution can reduce day-to-day computer issues by p to 60%, making your time 60% more productive. On top of that, a properly designed and maintained network will be 37% less expensive. That’s a great news for your bottom line.

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