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ToSolution Recognized for Excellence in Managed IT Services

President Tim O’Neil said about being recognized, “We’re certainly honored to be chosen. We set out to fundamentally change how owners and managers of small businesses view IT companies. So many think they need to settle for mediocre, or worse, service. We love hearing these same people say that they didn’t know IT could be this good. Thanks to our clients for trusting in our approach.”

Flat Rate IT Support Keeps Veterinary Data Secure

How Flat Rate IT Support Keeps Veterinary Data Secure and Available

For better or worse, information drives every industry. As more and more systems continue to scrape personal information to find trends in purchasing habits, it is increasingly important that businesses with access to their customers’ private information protect it from data mining and all out theft. This “practice” is even becoming true in regards to veterinary…

How to Create Great Passwords

How To Create Great Passwords

How many times today will you type in that same old password you’ve been using for the last 2 years? Be honest! As an IT Service Provider, we often find ourselves reminding clients that they should change their passwords. We get it, it’s such a pain to change our passwords all the time! We agree, however… Regardless…