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Are You Paying More for IT Support Than You Should?

When Tim and I are out on appointments meeting with small business owners in Milwaukee and Waukesha, I can’t tell you how many times we have heard prospective clients ask us if we will take a look at their current IT support bill and decipher it. It’s amazing to us that some business owners don’t even know what they are paying for when it comes to IT consulting and server support services in Wisconsin.  If you are one of those owners, you are not alone, and we want to help you. Here’s an actual quote from an actual prospect (now a satisfied ToSolution client):

Can you take a look at this invoice and tell me what it’s for? What am I really paying for? It just seems like [they] keep sending me bills but the problems don’t get fixed!

This particular client was on a “block time” contract: they paid a certain amount to “bank” hours. When the hours ran out, they received more bills from the IT support company, usually unexpected ones. This was very frustrating for them and their IT support  company. Think about it: you don’t know what to expect and don’t want to pay extra, and your IT support folks feel pressured to not send additional invoices or cut the work short before it’s really done right. Or they just send you extra invoices — which makes you not want to ask for help for fear of being billed extra. Ask yourself: is this really the best situation for you and your IT support people? Do you think they perform better work when they know they can get a job done right, without worrying about time constraints, or when under constant pressure to not send that next bill and meet the budget?

Need more convincing? Check out the actual invoice from our actual client (yes, this is a real invoice). Click on the image below to check it out.

Actual Invoice from Our Client

This invoice was sent after the client “ran out” of block time. This is too typical with the old model of IT support (read more: What Are Managed Services?). Hint: what is the incentive for a problem to really get fixed? Under a flat-rate, comprehensive IT support plan from ToSolution, we are completely dedicated to keeping issues well-monitored and under wraps because it’s really in both our best interests to do so. Block time or pay-as-you-go models of small business computer support don’t work well because it’s difficult to know exactly how long it might take to resolve a festering issue.  If you’re a small business owner in Milwaukee or Waukesha, contact us today and Stop Paying More for IT Support than you should.

What happened with this client? Within the first 90 days of moving to a flat-rate, comprehensive support plan, I received the following comment from our client:

You guys really know what you are doing. You know…since switching to To Solution, we couldn’t be happier. Everything is running so much better, and we get support when we need it without worrying about extra invoices. It’s just great, and it’s simple.

You won’t get additional invoices for your monthly IT services. It makes budgeting easy, and means – quite simply – that you can stop focusing on IT problems and start focusing on your business. After all, that’s what you got in business to do, isn’t it?


Flat Rate IT Support = Fewer Problems + Faster Resolutions

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