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ToSolution is a Trusted Technology Partner

We want to say thank you to the folks who have so generously recommended us as their trusted technology partner. We hope you will take a minute and read what people are saying about ToSolution. Just let us know when you’re ready to learn more, we’re confident we can serve your technology needs. Questions?

If you’re looking for more than reviews we’ve posted here, feel free to view What Even More People are Saying about ToSolution, a simple, 7-page PDF filled with real user-reviews, or check our Google and Facebook reviews.

We’re not trying to “brag”, we understand that finding and/or switching IT companies is a big decision. It’s important for you to hear from other people what they really think about ToSolution. When you’re ready to get to know us personally, please call us at (262) 737-4774 or email us at and we’ll get back to you soon. Most likely you’ll get a call or email from one of our owners, Tim O’Neil or Dan Schneck.


“PT Pros is a management service organization that offers tactical services to healthcare providers.  We focus on the healthcare industry with an emphasis on ambulatory, out-patient services. Technology is the cornerstone to the services we offer healthcare providers. – With ToSolution, we are able to offer our employees secure access to our server via any browser allowing them access to their tools and information from any internet connection.”

Joseph A Tenuta, MBA
Senior Vice President/COO
PT Pros Management Services
ndustry: Healthcare

Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital Logo

“I see ToSolution as providing a high-end service to small business, something we certainly needed. We have very few problems for an organization our size. And the ones we do have are responded to promptly.”

Dr. Bob Magnus DVM, MBA
Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital
Industry: Veterinary Medicine & Healthcare

Highland Community School Logo

“ToSolution allows the staff and me to focus on educating our students. They are quick to respond and their follow through is great.”

Kathy Ronco
Executive Director
Highland Community School
Industry: Elementary & Adolescent Education (K-8), Charter School, Montessori Education

Highland Community School Logo

“Highland Community School was ToSolution’s first school client. For the past several  years, we have been on a learning journey together. In a growing school with over 60 staff members and 400 students, Highland has ever-growing technology needs and ToSolution has been there to help us figure it out every step of the way. ToSolution does everything from setting up our network to helping staff troubleshoot issues with a program.  There is no job too large or too small for this company.”

Demetria Smith
Director of Community Resources
Highland Community School
Industry: Elementary & Adolescent Education (K-8), Charter School, Montessori Education

Equine Best Practices Logo

“I had a negative view of managed service providers until I started working with ToSolution.”

Jeff Setzer
Director of IT
Equine Best Practices, LLC
Industry: Financial Services, Accounting Services

T.V. John & Son Logo

“Since we started working with ToSolution, the feedback from our employees has been excellent. I don’t worry about whether or not our computers are going to work the way they should.”

Tim Nelson
Chief Executive Officer
T.V. John & Son, Inc.
Industry: General Contractor, Construction Services

Inspirio Name

“Inspirio is dedicated to the faith formation and character development of youth, empowering them to reach the fullness of their potential as individuals created in God’s image. As a nonprofit, with a limited budget, technology is often an underutilized tool. ToSolution has provided us with great support in modernizing our network and helping Inspirio to take significant steps in our use of technology.”

Joe Nettesheim
Executive Director
Inspirio Youth Ministries, Inc.
Industry: Non-Profit, Religious

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