Get to Know Lucas Winchowky

Lucas Winchowky
Engineer | Network Services
Phone: (262) 737-4774
A Quick Q&A with Lucas

Q: Lucas, welcome to ToSolution. What is the top reason you decided to join the team?
A: Because I was offered the job. I’m joking – I know that’s not what you’re really asking. What I saw early on, even during my interview process, was a group of people that truly enjoy working together, and I wanted to be a part of that.

Q: You served as a United States Marine, what did you enjoy most about that experience?
A: There’s a lot that enjoyed, but probably the places I was able to travel and all the different people I was able to meet, that’d be my highlight. Being stationed in Hawaii was nice!

Q: Besides starting a new job, and moving from Hawaii back to Wisconsin, have you had any other major life events this year? (hint, hint)
A: Yes! As in, she said Yes! I recently got engaged to my soon-to-be bride, Emily. We are really excited, I’m a very lucky guy!