Our Technology Team

A Technology Team, Who Focus on Business First

We’re proud to say we wear a lot of hats, but customer service is our first passion.

If you’ve been exploring our site, you’ve had a chance to read Tim and Dan’s story, and know about our IT for Business solutions. Now meet the Technology Team in Waukesha that keeps your business moving forward.

Tim O'Neil, President, Small Business Owner

Tim O’Neil | Co-Founder & President

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Dan Schneck, Executive Vice President/vCIO, Small Business Owner

Dan Schneck | Co-Founder & Executive Vice President/vCIO

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Steve Larson, Network Services Engineer

Steve Larson | Engineer, Network Services

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Shawn Olson, Network Services Engineer

Shawn Olson | Lead Engineer, Network Services

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Mark James, Director, Business Development

Mark James | Director of Business Development

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Lynn Achatz, Accounting Administrator, Billing

Lynn Achatz | Accounting Administrator

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