Our Backstory

The ToSolution story begins in 2010. About this time, while working for another IT firm, I noticed that the relationship small businesses had with their IT services providers was broken. A relationship commonly referred to as the “break/fix” model.

What’s break/fix? Simply put, when a client had something “break” like their email stopped working, or they couldn’t get on the internet, or everything on the network just seemed really slow, they would call their IT service provider to come “fix” it. No one called when they first recognized a problem, they called when it became impossible to ignore it any longer. Meaning, that call to tech support was usually a frustrated one.

Not knowing how many calls they might get on any given day, most IT service providers were staffed with the fewest amount of people they might need. (No one can afford to have extra engineers waiting around just in case someone calls with a problem.) 

So, we have a frustrated client who’s finally called for help, and an under-staffed provider who may, or may not, have someone available to help – and the issue would be remedied as quickly as possible.

The problem is that no one ever agreed on what “as quickly as possible” meant.  As quickly as possible for the client meant, “if not right now, at least by the end of today”, and it meant “as soon as I have someone available who is not assisting other clients” for the service provider. Usually, “as quickly as possible” ended up being several days, if not several weeks later.

You can easily see what’s wrong with this picture. The break/fix relationship is only a reactionary method of technical support. No one wants to be in a relationship when the only time you communicate is when there’s a problem, it’s not fun for anyone, and it usually turns into a broken relationship before too long.

To meet client’s expectations a new business model was needed.

To keep clients happy, as well as ensuring they’re consistently up-to-date on best technology practices, the key is a proactive approach. Not just to be there for the client when things go wrong, but to be the main provider in what’s going right.

With this new proactive approach, ToSolution was born. We began with this fresh undertaking; we would treat our client’s technology as if it were our own. Always secure and always available. To be fair, every computer network has loopholes, with thousands of moving parts and millions of lines of code, no business is 100% impenetrable. But “almost always secure and almost always available” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Since 2010, ToSolution’s proactive approach has evolved. Today our model is (almost always) 100% Flat Fee. We charge one simple, single rate and you get a really long list of services and support. With our Flat Rate IT Support, we provide a 60% reduction in day-to-day issues and our ServiceDesk is available via our “Click to Connect” feature, which allows for instant response times. And, since we can start working on problems faster than ever before, we can also solve problems faster than ever before.

Sound too good to be true? We encourage you to ask our clients. Every one of them is a proud reference because of our commitment to providing IT the way it should be, with Fewer Problems and Faster Resolutions.