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We’ve Developed a Smarter Business IT Support Model

In the past, the only way IT companies could make money was if their customers had problems with their computers, servers and networks. For decades service providers were¬†getting IT wrong…and we fixed IT.

They were only getting calls when something was broken, when things are broken people are generally unhappy. Every time they answered the phone they could make a safe assumption that an unhappy customer was on the other end of the call. No one wants to make that call, no one wants to take that call. It caused a lot of contention between service providers and their customers. Especially when it came to recurring problems and the associated invoices. YUCK!


Tim O'Neil and Dan Schneck, Owners

About Us

We saw the errors in the IT Service industry and knew things should be different. We knew things could be better. With the amount of time that people spend in front of screens these days, it’s important that time be as enjoyable and as problem-free as possible. We know that when things work the way they are supposed to, people are happier. Happier people are more productive, and more interested in building strong teams that make for stronger companies. So together we developed a smarter plan for providing IT service. A plan in which we no longer rely on our customers having problems but instead focus on every user having an exceptional technology experience. With this goal in mind, we founded ToSolution.

To be fair, the technology to do IT differently didn’t exist 15 years ago, and much of what we use today has been developed in the last 5 years. With the ability to be proactive in monitoring and maintaining computers, servers and networks we are¬†able to dramatically reduce day-to-day issues for our clients by up to 60%. We are also able to predict, with a greater degree of accuracy, what it will cost to deliver top-tier service and support for each user, computer, server, and network.

Why Our Way is Smarter

  • With ToSolution’s Smarter Business IT Support every time we prevent your business from having a problem (which is something that you want), we save money (which is something that we want).
  • Instead of waiting around for an unhappy customer to call with a problem, we eliminate problems before they ever arise.
  • Instead of making money off your problems, we only profit when you’re not having problems.
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